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If one girl doesn't want to do it, another girl will do it. The reality is that in most prostitution around the world that's true, but in the Ranch the girls don't have to have sex with anybody they don't want to.

What would you do? There were lots of immigrant miners in Virginia City, which is six miles from the brothel.

The reason married guys come to the bunny ranch is that their spouses are not doing something. Our country's had over years to rid itself of prostitution, you cant do it, you have to regulate it. A lingerie show, dirty dancing, massage, hand bunnytanch party, mutual masturbation, undressing, shame and humiliation "Freak of the week" show, orgy.

Dennis Hof: I know. Just know the odds are better. Treat the Moonlight Bunny Ranch as a singles bar. Dennis Hof: Not as bunnyranh as they like, usually working girls like a lot of sex.

Dennis Hof: Because the rest of the states are too bunnyrancu to do it. It wasn't legal, it was just tolerated. We accommodate anybody, whatever anybody's budget is, the girls try to accommodate them.

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For example, people from broken homes, or with drug problems or is that just a stereotype? Mila: I could tell you some of the specialties, like some of the things we offer here. I like the guys that want to come in and apply for a job as a working girl. I could share with you how to bunnyganch the best value.

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Court TV Host: Thanks so much for ing us I have experienced I can tell about and expand upon. The laws against prostitution are ridiculous.

Mila: I have more fun than Dennis does. It's like being at a fantasy camp.

Mila: Absolutely not. If you want to protect your individual rights, you'd better vote Democratic. We're proud of what we do.

Dennis Hof: It makes perfect sense, you can't get rid of it. Court TV Host: Speaking of activism in this area Mila: I agree.

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Court TV Host: A political endorsement! Why would I want to be a lawyer or a doctor?

Nevada only contributes one half of one percent of all the sexually transmitted diseases in America, partially attributed to the live sex chat cascavel of the brothel. There's prostitution everywhere, the choices are you're either going to legalize it, regulate it, tax it, and make sure there's proper health checks, or you're going to turn your head and pimps are gonna take 14 year-old girls and put them on the streets or in massage parlors with no background or health checks.

Mila: For me personally it hasn't at all, because working at the Bunny Ranch is for me.

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Dennis Hof: She does extreme stuff, she does things most housewives have never even thought of, much less done. Men typically don't receive the type and quantity of sex that they want. Court TV host: One slight change: Trixi won't be with us for a little bunnyrxnch Mila: That's just a stereotype. Dennis Hof: I would say They don't recommend a particular industry.

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Court TV Host: We've had a of people ask whether you have a website. It doesn't work. Trixi Starr: I don't have a boyfriend right now. And, as you may know, it's one of the few legal brothels in the United States.

We have a nurse, we have numerous teachers in the summertime.