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Kat - The Furry Kaitlyn stunner milf

One problem I've faced is articles about computer games. I'm very much not interested in editing a random article about anthropomorphism. Please, let the matter rest for a half a week, furrry per Moving On, below - and lets get to the business of working. I'm not accusing anyone of "conspiracy" or "fursecution" as you're implying. All this arguing over what we call ourselves, it's like a Southpark Episode.

I don't think Ochlo is saying there's a conspiracy or persecution, just two really stubborn editors who made a decision that, as it turned out, some of us didn't agree with. The best this project can hope for to establish a concrete scope is Anthropomorphism.

Also, regular cleanup. That seems a little backwards to me, since we're going to be doing the work. Despite your accusations I'm not hysterical or indignant, nor do I want to get into an edit war with you since you've already reverted an attempt to return the article to online friends chat room original name and scope once already.

I've been sitting back and quietly watching the discussion here regarding the name, and wanted to weigh in. Not only do I not have a clue to go about making a change, I felt. Think long and hard about exactly how many articles that would cover - for a start, almost everything produced by Disneyand most cartoons in general.

Fine by me, either way.

I proposed it be changed and the editor that started the WP concured and made the change. I've got into free rockville maryland sex chat depth below. How about Calvin and Hobbes? That's the important thing - this project will be to improve those articles; if we throw in others under the "anthropomorphism" banner, then that's fine; maybe it gives those editors interested in the project something more to do, and perhaps draws others in to help out.

Sounds like a plan. The word "anthropomorphism" has been somewhat misappropriated by the furry fandom through shortening of "anthropomorphic animal" to mean a very different thing the very opposite sometimes than what it means to everyone else. Discussions for exactly how these articles can be improved should probably take place on their talk s though most edits will require no discussion.

Submission Rules

Hell, yes. I really don't think that we should have anything officially to do with Cute and Fuzzy Seizure Monsters The more inclusive scope is of course anthropomorphism, both in terms of subject material and attracing other editors here, and I already see the scope of the project being shifted that way.

I suppose I could also be considered a greymuzzle, being in the Fandom for about 5 years in the shadows until last year. By you and, erm, I forgot who the other was.

And be a relentless editor Still, your thoughts are legit and I'd like to hear from some of the others. The scope and goals of this project as it stands on the project still encompass that target, even if under a different name.

Furry kitty Kaitlyn stunner milf

I even enjoy playing furry games. Or corps.

A newb to the wiki format, but I'll do what I can for the project. There are ificant benefits firry having a strong focus, and it's very hard to focus on say local hot chat single item of art or literature that has "attributed uniquely human characteristics and qualities to nonhuman beings, inanimate objects, or natural or supernatural phenomena". There is no way to define what is or isn't "furry".


The closest you can come is Anthropomorphism which is pretty much the focus of the fandom but with a specific focus on animals in particular. The most major drawback in my mind, though, is that it might be a stretch if one wanted to include certain furry things like fursuit or Fur and Loathing. WikiFur does have a on the comicbecause our scope contains articles about things that furries are interested in the Robot Chicken sketch about the comic was popular among furriesbut even there it is stated as being free greensboro sex chats not furry".

If you like to discuss changing it back there are two lengthy discusion sections right abouve this about just that. Bengaley10 July UTC Well here's the problem with that: how do you define which media is or is not "furry"? GreenReaper10 July UTC WikiProject Funny Animals Aside from being initially silly-sounding, ' funny animal ' is the actual term used by animators furry chat bot comics artists to refer to anthropomorphic cartoon animals. Wikiprojects are places to organize and streamline wikipeida's covergage of particular topics by attracting the attention and work of interested editors and organizing articles with standardization of formatting.

When I saw "furry" I went, "Huh? If the general consensus is to change it back after that then I'd support that move.

Description Kaitlyn stunner milf

While "furry fandom" is often thought to contain anything that features anthropomorphism to declare this as the scope of the project will destroy any true focus the project has. I have been a furry fan since I was due to my love of animals and old anthropomorphic animal cartoons.

As it is also the one that needs the most work quality-wise, it seems like the best place to start. I support Furries! What's with the double-standard?