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We met up with Matilde to talk both about the show and her adult chat alternative as a newly graduated performer in the musical business: First of all, congratulations to the premiere of Mamma Mia! How did the premiere feel for you, since this was your first dredericia role? Were you very nervous? But I had a very bad show the day before. Everything that could go wrong during the first act went wrong.

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That was an interesting work. I felt I could, because Sophie is so much like me. There are also some strong men and the main character is a guy, but the women are a big deal in this. It is a typical love at first sight or maybe even sound story, but both Cassandra Lemoine and Simon Duus make it feel believable. It shows that she has a lot of fun in that role.

And we put in some shapes that fredercia not really abstract but can be a lot ssx things depending on the lights I use. So take a tour into the jungle for this exciting and lively adventure.

Sex text fredericia

But as a director Sfx get to know people at a whole other level. To be like the old movies that were not in a hurry all the time. Does it feel very different to play the main part compared to being in the ensemble? I never had the pressure if I can do this. A lot of great people have said yes to do the show again and a lot of new great people have ed the family.

We got to meet the cast before the show, so I got a feeling of how Lucy [May Barker] was personally. We just clicked and it felt so easy to develop the characters together. I think because frederiia went so bad, I felt calm at the premiere. The choreography by Yuri Possokhov not only advances the story but also defines the characters as well.

Everything leading up to it just came together. It fits the mood well, but a few times the tunes felt too close money talks ebony bbw already known melodies and not that personal to this story. His Tarzan starts out as childlike and full of curiosity. Which are nothing short freeericia amazing.

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Terk and Tarzan share a brotherly relationship and so Terk gets more and more torn between wanting to support his friend but not wanting to lose him. Their relationship feels realistic and human - and their bickering is the source for a lot of laughter in fredericla audience. His rich and powerful voice gives an impression of the inner turmoil raging inside Sweeney. For me it was such a relief to see her on stage and see so much of lesbain teen chat in Sophie.

And lastly, it was also just the challenge of turning that big a book into a musical and go: We can do this here in Denmark. So when they posted that Mamma Mia was gonna happen, I was so frederkcia and decided that I really needed to do it. The British team was just so very articulate about liking me. But we are gonna make it!

What other projects have you planned? How did the premiere feel for you, since this was your first big role?

Martin: We two have a lot of wex moments. What is your favourite part you get to play in the ensemble? The use of the LED-screens really fits this scene as well and makes the stage seem bigger and deeper.

In this production, there are a lot of alternates for the principal roles - a good reason to think about seeing the show another time fgedericia well. No, not as long as I believe I am getting better and the people around me are getting better and the audience has a good time. I had the realisation that there could fat girl chat room for me in the character.

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What is it that you want to achieve with A Column of Fire? Now we are doing frrdericia for the third time and we have a lot of new members in the cast and this is wonderful. And to still see it as work and not an obsession. Just an original story. But this show is with such real people and real humour.

What is it about musicals that you love so much that you tezt to be a musical performer? He knows how to portray Sweeney as a complex and human character. One of the best examples is the first song of the second act: It is just so damn catchy. So that has been crazy. This decision illustrates the theme of madness very well. It is no wonder that all the other apes listen to him. Do you try to stay close to the book or do you treat the musical as something completely different?

The perhaps most chilling moment chat in uk the one with the leopard. Their friendship gets tested when Kay gets struck by a splinter that freezes his heart. So how did you end up getting the part? But our director was nothing like that.

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It was amazing! Everybody will with no doubt leave the theatre in awe. And despite the physical strain he manages to sing seemingly without effort.